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  • Product Code: 3M 365

    3M glass cloth tape 365 is a thermosetable rubber-resin adhesive tapes coated onto a strong conformable glass backing for many applications requiring high adhesion for adhesion to a variety of surfaces

  • Product Code: 3M 420

    Our 3M™ Lead Foil Tape 420 is an electrically and thermally conductive tape. This highly conformable tape resists flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation, chemicals and radiation. Mated with an easy-release film liner, our malleable tape can be shaped into complex or detailed patterns or die-cut into specific shapes to meet assembly and manufacturing...

  • Product Code: 3M 4950 White

    4950: VHB (very high bond) Joining Systems utilise firm acrylic adhesives which have excellent long term holding power.

  • Product Code: 3M 9528

    3M™ Double Coated Foam Tape 9528 is a 0.8 mm thick, closed-cell double coated polyethylene foam with a rubber adhesive. It is a high grab adhesive suitable for lower performance applications.

  • Product Code: 3M 851

    3M™ Circuit Plating Tape 851 with polyester film and blended silicone and rubber adhesive used for PCB masking and other high temperature applications. Thick adhesive coating. Green, 4.0 mil thick.

  • Temporary Supply Disruption 3M 583 bonding film is a flexible, 100% solids, heat or solvent activated dry film adhesive composed of synthetic elastomer, thermoplastic and thermosetting resins

  • **DISCONTINUED** See 3M GPH 1.1mm for alternative 3M VHB RP45 permanent assembly tapes is aimed to compete with the lower cost alternatives on the market. Right Product, Right Performance, Right Price.

  • Product Code: 3M 4951F White

    3M 4951 is a firm, double sided, pressure sensitive, closed cell acrylic foam tape with a PET film liner, 45 mil thick. 4951 utilises a unique low temperature acrylic adhesive which allows initial applications to be made at temperatures as low as (0°C).

  • Product Code: 3M 4646F Grey

    3M 4646F is a dark grey double coated acrylic foam tape with a high tack acrylic adhesive. This tape has a plain red filmic liner. It is a high performance double coated acrylic foam product which possesses a good balance between shear peel and high tack adhesion.

  • DISCONTINUED, suggested replacement is 3M GPH 1.1mm thick. 3M 4430 double sided acrylic foam tape

  • Product Code: 3M 4611F Grey

    4611F VHB (very high bond) is a dark grey double coated acrylic foam tape with a high tack acrylic adhesive. This tape has a plain red filmic liner. The excellent temperature performance enables bonding of materials prior to processing in a powder coating line.

  • Product Code: 3M 4613F White

    4613F VHB (very high bond) is a white double coated acrylic foam tape with a high tack acrylic adhesive.

  • Product Code: 3M 4912F White

    Excellent long term holding power, resistance to solvents, temperature extremes, and UV light make 4912 suitable for many interior and exterior applications.

  • 4941 is a conformable, very high bond acrylic foam tape which has added performance for bonding to plasticised vinyl due to a specially formulated adhesive which resists plasticiser migration. In addition this core adhesive composition makes the product well suited to many paints and primers

  • DISCONTINUED, suggested replacement is 3M LSE 1.1mm thick. Use 3M™ VHB™ Tape 4943 with a variety of substrates. Our double-sided closed-cell acrylic foam tape is pressure-sensitive and plasticizer resistant. It bonds well at low temperatures (above 0°C). It requires no preparation, which means faster assembly time – saving you time and money.

  • Product Code: 3M 5423

    3M UHMW film tape 5423 transparent with rubber adhesive. Low coefficient of friction combined with abrasion resistance make this tape an effective solution for many noise and vibration problems. Thickest version for greater abrasion resistance.

  • Product Code: 3M 5490

    3M 5490 PTFE film tape is a grey PTFE slick-surface extruded film with pressure-sensitive silicone adhesive and smooth, lay-flat backing.

  • Product Code: 3M 5952F Black

    3M VHB Acrylic Foam Tape 5952F is a double coated pressure sensitive adhesive for bonding a wide variety of substrates including lower surface energy materials such as powder coated paints and plastics. In many cases abrasion of surface is not required.

  • Product Code: 3M 8403

    3M polyester tape 8403 has a silicone adhesive for composite bonding and splicing of many silicone coated papers and films.

  • Product Code: 3M 5413

    The 3M Polyimide Film Tape 5413 consist of a Kapton polyimide film and silicone adhesive.

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